Jake Holland

Developer and designer

Jake.origin "Cheltenham, UK" Jake.education "University of Sheffield" Jake.currentlyStudying "AI and Computer Science" Jake.expectedGraduation "June 2021" Jake.interests ["Code", "Debugging", "AI", "Problem Solving", "Design", "Maths", "Theatre", "Lighting"] Jake.resume "jakeholland.pdf" Jake.email "contact@hollandjake.com" Jake.socialMedia ["Facebook", "Twitter", "GitHub"]

Work + Fun


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Assistant Stage Manager

Journey's End

Lighting Operator

The 39 Steps

Lighting Designer

Computer Science


Artificial Intelligence

While I was working on my Extended Project Qualification on Artificial Intelligence, I wanted to challenge myself and so I sought out to build my own AI framework which I can use for other projects.