Jake Holland


My custom neural network framework.

After 4 years spent learning the in's and out's of programming, I felt confident enough to venture into more complex projects. This was coupled with my recent interest spike in the realm of artificial intelligence, so as I typically do I threw myself into the deep end of AI, without even looking at the code others had created for AI frameworks. I wanted to create my own, this would not only be a great personal achievement but also further my knowledge greatly into the field.


Obviously, I cannot just start programming and magically expect an entire AI system to just appear, I had to do my research. I first began by doing the typical google search and looking at the information available.

Neural Networks And Deep Learning.com

This website gave me a great basis insight into the foundations of backpropagation and the neural architecture. While a lot of the content of the site is heavily mathematically based, I could grasp it due to my high level of mathematical knowledge (Yes I actually used something I learned in school in the real world). It was this website that actually inspired me to create my first implementation of my framework demonstrating its ability to predict what numerical digit was being presented, I named this AI, D.A.N.N.I. (Digit Artificial Neural Network Interface, I just wanted to make a word acronym).